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    Foundation Series
    Package: Sacred Sleep & Sacred Siesta
    Sacred Siesta
    Sacred Sleep
    Blue - Foundation Three
    Earth - Foundation Two
    Om - Foundation One

    I have been meditating for more than 17 years and the prospect of deepening my meditation was what attracted me to your Foundation Series. The Series is wonderful, and I love the Portal, which is especially relaxing and uplifting, and these effects last well beyond the session. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

    — M.V.


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    Foundation Series (MP3 Downloads)
    Part Number: FDNS
    Price: $60.00
    Status: Available
    Foundation Series


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    Best Value – Buy all eight MP3 downloads, including Om, Earth, Blue and Portal with verbal guidance and without verbal guidance for just $60 – 8 recordings in all – a $25 savings if purchased individually.  

    8 recordings - with verbal guidance and without verbal guidance
    For best results, we recommend listening with stereo headphones.


    The Sacred Acoustics Foundation Series includes four 45-minute lightly guided MP3 downloads, Om, Earth, Blue and Portal. We also include identical recordings without verbal guidance making a total of eight MP3 downloads and a PDF containing suggested guidance. Together, they lay the groundwork for attaining increasingly deep states of consciousness. Each recording can be used alone to access certain states of awareness for a sustained period. They are designed to be listened to in sequence, becoming comfortable at each stage, in order to become entrained to the different levels.  Each recording builds on the previous, ultimately taking you on a journey through a spiral portal to deep, profound states of consciousness.

    Included in the Foundation Series:
    1 –  Om  induces profound states of relaxation and a calm, centered awareness in the present moment.
    2 –  Earth  supports the process of calming distracting thoughts and moving beyond the illusion of here and now into timelessness.
    3 –  Blue  frequencies facilitate a purifying clearing of the mind, a cleansing that allows for stability as you move into alignment with your true nature.
    4 – Portal includes our exclusive sound spiral. The spiral is a universal symbol found on or near ancient artifacts and structures around the world. It represents evolution, expansion, cycles, doorways and union with cosmic energies. The spiral shape is found in nature, including pinecones, flowers, shells, DNA and galaxies. Our spiral vortex gateway propels you into an awareness that supports exploration into deep and profound states of awareness. This state enhances and encourages alignment with unity consciousness and can allow for interaction with other forms of energy beyond the physical. Portal is only available when purchased with the Foundation Series or after purchasing Om, Earth and Blue individually.  

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    3 Reviews of Foundation Series (MP3 Downloads) (Average rating: 5.00)

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    Review by connie k. on 3/25/2013
    connie k. gave this product a score of 5.00.
    I find it much easier to meditate using Sacred Acoustics. Listening to the voices is pleasing.
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    Review by James P. on 1/4/2013
    James P. gave this product a score of 5.00.
    Thank you so much for your creation. I have very recently begun using the foundation series to enhance my meditation practice and I am very excited....
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    Review by Kris R. on 12/20/2012
    Kris R. gave this product a score of 5.00.
    I experienced entering the portal with a heightened sense of awareness and distinct physiological changes (tingling, coolness, increase in energy)....
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